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Fire Door Rating

The use of fire doors: It is the most common openable and closeable fire partition components in various buildings. The fire doors that meet the requirements should have good performance of high temperature resistance, heat insulation and smoke penetration resistance, and should have the function of self-closing after people pass through in the event of fire, so as to ensure that they can play their role in fire separation.

Class A fire door

The categories of fire doors are divided into: According to the production materials: steel heat insulation fire doors; wood heat insulation fire doors; steel wood heat insulation fire doors; other materials heat insulation fire doors.

According to fire resistance limit and thermal insulation performance:

Class A fire door not less than 1.5 hours;

Class B fire doors not less than 1 hour;

Class C fire doors shall not be less than 0.5 hours.

According to the opening and closing characteristics: normally closed fire doors; normally open fire doors.

You can choose different levels of fire doors according to your needs.

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